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We are proud to be Wellness Advocates of the doTERRA line of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
We use this line for its pure, chemical and synthetic free oil.

Often we find that a person runs out to the health food store or a box store and come back with an oil they heard about from a friend or from television. If you’re buying oils in this fashion, just know that what you are buying isn’t 100%. According to the FDA for an oil to be labeled “pure” it only needs 5% of the oil to be pure. That means the rest of the bottle is likely to be a synthetic oil or a chemical oil or a carrier oil. Your body doesn’t like synthetic. Your body is organic. Plants are organic. You are not a robot, so don’t put synthetic oils in it. Leave the synthetics for your cars engine.

Another way to test what is in the oil is to see if there’s a line on the bottle that reads, “Not for internal use”. This is a dead giveaway that you have other things in that bottle of oil that shouldn’t be there. doTERRA’s oil is safe for Internal Use and states right on the bottle the FDA food label.

Another thing we have observed is that once a person buys an oil or two, they really don’t know what to do with it. If a friend told you to buy lavender and you went down to the store and picked up a bottle (see paragraph above) then wondered what now? First, we’ll tell you that the Lavender you picked up at the store has no medicinal value. It may smell pretty, unless you’re sensitive to synthetics, then it’ll find it’s way to the back of the shelf forever giving Lavender a bad name.

Lavender is a fantastic oil. It has hundreds of constituents that make up its aromatic compounds. Those compounds are what aids in sleep for one person while another may find it soothes a sunburn and another may find it gives relief to cuts and scrapes. Lavender has been called the Swiss Army of Oils. Would you have know that little tidbit? Probably not and that’s why we LOVE teaching you all the ins and outs of essential oils.

Most people ask “Are they expensive?” The average 15 ml bottle of oil is $32.00. Before you freak out, that’s 280 drops. That, depending on which oil you’re using, may last you months or years. So are they expensive? No. With healthcare going the way it is, a bottle of Melaleuca will save you bundles of cash. Two drops of Melaleuca for ear issues may save you quite a bit vs a copay.

We have mothers, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists...the list goes on utilizing the doTERRA oils in their practices with great results and happy patients.

Any time you can do something natural for your body it is the preferred choice.

We offer the oils in many ways: The best way is to make an appointment. We will run a free scan of your body and use that as a beginning guideline. It is a biofeedback of your body in real time.
Or come to a class that’s a fun way to get the oils or you can purchase them online.

If you’re looking for a deal, and who isn’t, we have a couple of options
Wholesale Customer ($35 per year, all products 25% off). Products only, no commisions.
Wholesale Advocate ($35.00 fee, all products 25% off, and join the HealthEOils team. You will be able to build your own business and earn commissions.

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