"Give Nature a Chance"

Oh no not another vitamin sales pitch! I know I know, but hear me out..

I admit I am the absolute worst when it comes to taking a supplement. I just don’t like taking pills. They can be lined up in a pretty row with a glass of water, but I’ll still walk right past them. But give me my vitamins in a drink and I’m all over it.
If you’re like me and not a pill popper of any kind, you’ll dig these supplements!
What’s even better is that they are 98% absorbed, so you’re not getting a belly full of undigested pill ingredients.

So let’s say you buy a $100 worth of supplements, you’re only digesting 10-20% of those. So you’ve thrown $80-90 down the drain. It also take up to 5 hours for that vitamin to leave your stomach and by then it’s been degraded by stomach acid.
With Isotonix, when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, you’ll absorb into your cells 98%. You’re out $2.00.
Dairy Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free and no binders and fillers.

What do they taste like? I say they are like drinking a sweet tart. My favorite is the Vitamin D3 with K2. It’s like a pink lemonade. It mixes well with all the flavors.

Does your tummy flip flop over taking a multivitamin? Mine did. Flip flop tossed em back up. Haven’t had those issues with Isotonix.

What about kids? Hmm trying to get your child to take a pill? What about a Flinstone? It’s a Yabba Dabba Don’t. Sorry Fred and Barney, those vitamins are making kids sick. However, kids love the lemon flavor of the Isotonix and they’ll be able to utilize the nutrients in 5 min or less.

There’s even a Spectrum line! Created for those needing extra support.

Who takes these supplements?
Especially beneficial to anyone with digestive issues, not having to digest vitamins means less stress on the organs.
Everyone will benefit from Isotonix. As we age we produce less stomach acid in which to digest food and vitamins.
Gastric Bypass patients have to be on a liquid supplement.
Those needing more vitamin B. Our activated B beats all other B’s.
Pregnant women having trouble swallowing those large pre-natals and then tossing them back up.

Over 20 different varieties.

How to take an Isotonix supplement-
1 tsp to 2 oz of water. That’s it. Bam!
You can mix and match too. Like the OPC-3 antioxidant and the Activated B. 1 tsp of each (2 tsp) to 4 oz water.
Can I use juice? No. Isotonix is formulated to go into your cells like an isotonic solution. Your body registers it the same as your blood and tears. Freely moving through the cells.

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