"Give Nature a Chance"

Here at HealthEOils we provide you options on the best products for your health.

“Your body is not a car, don’t put synthetic oils in it” is a motto we adopt as we as a society have forgotten that simple and natural is a better solution to many common ailments.

We love sharing about the rapidly growing use of a pure 100% essential oils. Used in research around the world, essential oils which were once thought only for hippies has gone mainstream.

We are here to navigate you around the Essentail oil world. It is fascinating to learn how plants work with our bodies and how chemicals and synthetics actually cause our bodies harm. You’ve heard about the Superbugs and their resistance to antibiotics. Overuse of them has created an even more deadly organism. This is due to the superbug figuring out the synthetic patterns of a pharmaceutical drug. Pharm drugs are the exactly same formula batch by batch. Here’s where essential oils reign! They can’t be copied batch to batch. Plants are organic and rely on water and sun to grow. One season maybe more dry, one season may have less sun. Yet, the plant survives due to it’s internal antibacterial properties.

So, long story short. Your body cannot figure out plant oils. They are constantly changing. It is your best chance at fighting nasty bugs.
Oregano is the king of plant antibiotics. This is due to the Carvocal in Oregano. The more it has the better the antibiotic.

We believe your health is paramount to whatever else is going on in your life.

We offer trainings from Introduction to Essential Oils, Workshops and Special topics of the month. We travel around presenting classes to all those wanting to learn more about essential oils.